The world famous Islay Mist Scotch whisky owes its existence to a celebration which would mark the 21st birthday of the son (later Lord Margadale) of the Laird of Islay House in 1927.

It was considered, that for such an important celebration with guests from far and wide, that the famed single malt Laphroaig might be too heavy for everyone’s taste, so the Laphroaig single malt was blended with a range of high quality Highland malts, including Glenlivet, and balanced with Lowland grain whisky.

The result proved so popular that it was decided to market a similar blend under the name of ISLAY MIST, a luxury Scotch whisky now held in high esteem.

The seal of the Lords of the Isles – the Great Seal of Islay – is proudly carried by Islay Mist.