Islay Mist Blended Scotch Whisky launch a new, core expression, Islay Mist Double Peated.

Islay Mist Double Peated is an important brand extension for the Islay Mist range as it reaches out to blended Scotch drinkers who are looking for an expression with a more intense flavour profile.  The Double Peated – as the name would allude – is twice as smoky as the Islay Mist Original meaning this blend contains a higher proportion of malt whisky from the island of Islay. Resulting in an expertly crafted whisky that is full of character with bold tobacco flavours, sea salt caramel sweetness and outstanding complexity.

As for the bottle itself, the label has been modified to include clouds of peat smoke against a dark, moody background; illustrating the increased level of peat as well as edgy and mysterious proposition.

The award-winning Islay Mist Blended Scotch Whisky can be traced back to Islay House in the 1920s and was initially blended to celebrate the 21st birthday of the son and heir of the then Lord Margadale. Islay Mist is the only blended whisky which can include ‘Islay’ in its name which shows true provenance to the island and its whisky-making heritage.

David Sloan, Managing Director at MacDuff International said ‘It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of Islay Mist Double Peated, a new innovation that will build on the brand love for Islay Mist Original and play a pivotal role in welcoming new consumers into the wider portfolio.

Islay Mist Original is recognised and often described as an elegant, multi-layered scotch with balanced smoke character. In the case of Islay Mist Double Peated, these characteristics very much remain, but have been elevated for a seasoned whisky palate.’

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On Thursday 18th August, Islay Mist Blended Scotch Whisky and MacGregor and MacDuff kiltmakers hosted a special launch event to showcase Scottish wedding suppliers and present the latest development to the collaboration; bespoke, tartan, personalised whisky favours.

Renowned wedding magazines and industry professionals, as well as lifestyle and whisky influencers were invited to attend the launch event which took place at the flagship MacGregor and MacDuff store in Bath Street, Glasgow.

Islay Mist signature cocktails alongside whisky-infused, Scottish-themed canapes were served on a unique wedding inspired table setting, revealing the latest development to come from our collaboration, personalised whisky favours. The launch also featured some of Scotland’s top wedding suppliers, such as; Joyce Young Bridal, House Martin Barbers, Cherry on Top Cakes by Jackie, Regis Catering and Jennifer Morrison Florist.

We first began the partnership last year in all MacGregor and MacDuff stores – Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow West End and Prestwick ‑ whereby customers who hired or purchased an Islay Mist kilt would be gifted an Islay Mist miniature in their sporran to celebrate their special day, as well as a 10% discount voucher for nearby spirits specialist store, the Good Spirits Co. to redeem off a bespoke tartan bottling of Islay Mist whisky.

Brand and Marketing Manager of Islay Mist Blended Scotch Whisky, Julie Christie explained that ‘From the outset of our collaboration with MacGregor and MacDuff, we wanted to highlight the importance of the ‘made in Scotland’ ethos and unify both our products to our targeted end consumer. The result has been tartan whisky miniatures which can be personalised with an individual’s name, event occasion and date, doubling up as the perfect offering for wedding favours or gifts for a special occasion. The price of the customised miniatures will be £3.50 per miniature and available to purchase here.

Whisky x Tartan = the perfect Scottish partners and that is why we are delighted to announce our recent partnership with the ‘King of Kilts’ MacGregor and MacDuff kilt and highland wear specialists.

Master kiltmakers MacGregor and MacDuff have been perfecting their trade for over 40years and provide a comprehensive hire range as well as bespoke kilt outfits, which includes world-renowned tartans as well as their contemporary tartan Mist collection. Within the exclusive Mist collection, is a tartan named Islay Mist, hence why the pairing is such a great fit (no pun intended!).

Proudly handcrafted in Scotland, the Islay Mist tartan takes inspiration from the breath-taking landscapes and sunsets from one of the most iconic Hebridean Islands, the Islay of Islay. The tartan was expertly designed to incorporate shades of grey and blue for the ocean as well as deep purples and lifted with a line of rosewater to honour to the island. It is one of the most popular tartans at MacGregor and MacDuff for both hires and sales.

To celebrate this unique partnership, customers who hire or purchase an Islay Mist kilt at any of the three MacGregor and MacDuff stores–Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow West End and Prestwick–will be gifted an Islay Mist miniature in their sporran to celebrate their special day, as well as a 10% discount voucher for nearby spirits specialist store, the Good Spirits Co. to redeem off a bespoke tartan bottling of Islay Mist whisky.

Be sure to check out our display at their stores where you can pick up anything from Islay Mist trews to shawls to hip flasks and scarves! The latter two items are also available to purchase on our online store as well as our limited Islay Mist tartan release.

We are delighted to announce that our flagship expression, the Islay Mist Original has won a gold medal at the 2022 London Spirits Competition! The awards–which are in their fifth year–took place in late March and all brands were judged on three key elements; packaging, quality and value.

The London Spirits Competition sets itself apart from other whisky and spirits contests by evaluating not only the technical competence and distilling process, but also the overall drinkability, taste, value and packaging design. Leading spirits industry professionals with direct buying responsibility were chosen for the judging panel, using the aforementioned criteria and then scored on a 100-pointscale.

Taste, value and packaging design are all key pillars for consumers to repeatedly purchase, therefore, it is truly a tremendous accolade to win and add to the ever-expanding collection of gold medals for Islay Mist.

Guess who’s back, back again…the coveted Islay Mist 17 Year Old, which will now replace the 21YearOld in the Islay Mist portfolio. Since 2018, Islay Mist has undergone a brand evolution and the Islay Mist 17 Year Old has now joined the rest of the range with elegant and premium packaging, resulting in a more prominent shelf stand-out. The liquid has been perfectly matured for a minimum of 17 years and casks of only the highest quality have been meticulously selected by our Master Blender, Scott Sneddon. Subsequently, this has created an incredibly balanced, well-rounded dram with wonderful notes of digestive biscuits, sweet malt and oaky spice. This new expression is still the same great liquid as before, with a fresher approach to the bottle and label design in keeping with the rest of the Islay Mist collection, now available for purchase at our shop here.

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