The Original peated blend was born on the Island of Islay in 1927

The Beginning

The iconic Islay Mist dates back to 1927 on the Island of Islay and owes its existence to a celebration which would mark the 21st birthday of the son (John Morrison, later Lord Margadale) of the Laird of Islay House.

The occasion

To mark such an important occasion, guests were to be invited from the length and breadth of the UK and it was considered that the signature smoky Islay whiskies might be too heavy for everyone’s taste.

The Result

So Mr John Morrison asked for several different blends to be prepared. Malt whisky from the Laphroaig distillery was blended with a range of high quality Highland and Speyside malts before being balanced with Lowland grain whisky. He then selected the blend he liked the best and declared this to be ‘pure Islay Mist’.

At Present

Today, Islay Mist still remains a premium blended Scotch whisky and is now exported to 32 countries worldwide. The bottle still carries the Lord of the Isles Seal which is a testament to its birth on Islay and the connection to the Lord of the Isles, Lord Margadale.

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