Mufloni Beer Hunters x Islay Mist


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We are delighted to announce our most recent collaboration with Mufloni Beer Hunters, an award-winning brewery based in Pori, Finland. In Scotland, it’s common to order a ‘half & half’ at the bar, which is a measure of your favourite whisky alongside a half pint of beer.  This tradition has undoubtedly inspired this new partnership and resulted in an artfully crafted barrel-aged stout.

Mufloni Beer Hunters has been in operation since 1998, and today they brew approximately 200,000 litres of their award-winning beer each year. Not content with the ordinary, they instead constantly seek out the extraordinary. From rare, limited editions, to innovative products that push the boundaries of traditional brewing – Mufloni Beer Hunters’ range continuously defy expectations. In their brewery in Pori Finland, Mufloni beers are made by hand from start to finish, and their nearby Beer Hunters Bar and Restaurant offers international craft beers from around the world.

Islay Mist & Mufloni Beer Hunters share similar values as brands, with strong family heritage and long-term vision, both focussed on planning for future generations to come and building their award-winning brands. This unique partnership is an opportunity to bring craft beer and whisky lovers together in the Nordics.

Mufloni’s new Islay Imperial Stout has been skilfully blended and aged in Islay Mist Casks, and was partially made using peated malt, one of the key components of Islay Mist whisky. Only 2,000 cans are available in ALKO stores throughout Finland, at 11% ABV from 25th September, and Mufloni is also set to release a limited number of cans of Islay Stout, which will be around 5.5% ABV.

Earlier this year, the Islay Mist team visited the Mufloni Brewery in Finland to take part in the brewing process that would lead to the new Islay Mist Stout. Master Blender of Islay Mist, Scott Sneddon was involved in the whole process, from hands-on brewing to lending whisky expertise.

“At Islay Mist, we take great pride in working with other like-minded businesses who are simply masters of their craft. Both brands aren’t afraid to try something different which makes them a great match, and we cannot wait for Finnish whisky and beer lovers to experience this blend.”

Master Blender, Scott Sneddon

Official Tasting Notes – Mufloni Islay Stout

Black in colour, with a generous layer of lacy beige foam.

Nose: Rich dark chocolate, with smoked whisky and a touch of coffee.

Taste: Rich in body, sweet and slightly oily. Notes of roasted malt, oak, vanilla, and chocolate are pleasantly complemented with a long smoky marine finish.

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